Vegan Food Dubai

Falafels or tabbouleh anyone?

Emirati cuisine is known for their use of meats, fish, rice and delicious desserts which are mixed with traditional ingredients that locals love to eat daily. As health concerns grew amongst society, people’s diets and preferences began to change, incorporating vegetarian and pescatarian options that could be substituted.

For instance, at Nutrisya we use coconut oil and margarine instead of butter to bind the cookies together eliminating the bad fats with the healthy ones keeping you fuller for longer. Social media plays a large role of how we communicate with others influencing what goes into our mouths and if it is ‘instagrammable’ to post for my followers to see. In 2010, the trend of being #vegan became mainstream sparking attention to younger generations who were willing to try this supposing new diet.

So, what is a ‘vegan’…

The vegan diet was curated in 1944 by Donald Watson and has evolved as people began to live and endeavour the same lifestyle. A vegan is a person who a follows a diet and lifestyle free from animal cruelty, substantiating to no meats, fish, dairy, eggs or any other products that contain animal-derived additives. Our Nutrisya range contains all-natural and vegan ingredients that are good to the world and good for you benefiting your health. In Dubai, the vegan community is growing rapidly with over 6000 members who recommend recipes, products and deliver advice to those who are wanting a diet switch-up. Our cookies have been approved and suggested to others by the community allowing our brand to feature on vegan food health stores and delivery services such as HappyCow and Vegan Paradise.

Benefits of becoming vegan

Now you’re probably thinking so what is so good about being vegan, well…

  1.     Rich in nutrients

By eliminating animal products, you will levitate to other foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. It will provide your diet with more fibre for better gut health and allow your body to be rich in potassium and magnesium for longer lasting energy.  

  1.     Lower blood sugar levels

A vegan lifestyle can help lower blood sugar levels as it contains less saturated fats from meats which will automatically lower your cholesterol and glucose levels. Our cookies are formulated to be naturally low in sugar which are a perfect addition to add when wanting something sweet and guilt-free.

  1.     Improves skin and mood

By transitioning from an eating predominantly dairy and meat products to more wholefoods, your body receives more nutrients and antioxidants to allow your skin to radiate. Our Yumberry cookie is an ideal snack choice for this as it contains cranberries which aid in natural nutrients. Glowing skin is a yes from me!

Ok, where do I start?

Imagine 20 years ago I told you that you can only eat fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life and give up all your favourite traditional dishes, would you do it? No thank you.

But as Dubai is changing and evolving with the world it is becoming easier every day to transition to a vegan lifestyle. To begin, start slowly, excluding out main sources of meats and dairy and substituting them with beans, legumes and tofu. By continuing to eliminate non-vegan products from your diet, it will allow you to seek other alternatives to supplement those sudden cravings. We developed our cookies to be enjoyed by everyone, so they had to be vegan and yummy with an added bonus of being made from natural ingredients to curb those naughty cookie cravings. Lastly, having support from your closed loved ones is ideal and will help make the transition so much easier. Make a vegan dinner for your family or share some Choco-thins with your friends at work!


How to Veganize your life in Dubai!

Dubai is commonly known for their modern architecture, tourism and luxury lifestyle; however, we are advancing to becoming a more vegan-friendly destination. The food and restaurant market are dominated by traditional Emirati cuisine, but in the last few years Dubai has grown and introduced vegetarian and vegan foods to locals with the abundance of new dining options available. Additionally, grocery products have been formulated with ingredients to cater to different dietary requirements such as being ‘dairy-free’, ‘gluten-free’ and ‘egg-free’. At Nutrisya we want our products to be enjoyed and tasted by everyone and anyone! Therefore, it was a compulsory decision that our cookies were made vegan, healthy and taste like the real deal.

To get your hands on the range you can visit and purchase from our website, DM us on Instagram @nutrisyafood