Healthy Foods UAE


Confused about what healthy eating really is? Same.

Don’t know whether to go for the salad or chocolate bar?

Healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore, but more so a lifestyle.

Each year people make it a mission to embark on a new healthy lifestyle to improve their physical and mental performance in day-to-day life. In the last 10 years it was reported that 20% of the UAE population was suffering with obesity more so than the US. This is due to fact that we are over-consuming highly saturated fat foods and lacking regular physical activity. As a country we are progressively growing into living a sedentary lifestyle as #bosslife is prioritised with longer working hours needed in the office. This leads us to choosing easy options like McDonalds due to convenience.

By persisting in this unhealthy habit, it can create long term issues like obesity which lead to heart diseases, cardiovascular problems and even mental disorders like depression and anxiety. As we head into the new month of March, it is time to incorporate new habits that will be sustained for the future.

What is ‘healthy eating’?

Healthy eating is about nourishing and giving your body the right nutrients, it needs for prolonged energy. Through having a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains and seeds it will keep you satiated and overall boost your health and wellbeing. At Nutrisya we believe it is important to live a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy that sweet taste without any guilt.

We assured our products were packed with natural sweetened ingredients such as almonds, flaxseeds and coconut so customers can curb their cravings with a healthy kick. However, it is important that unhealthy foods can still be consumed but in moderation, want a chocolate bar? Eat a chocolate bar. Want a whole bag of Chocology cookies? Eat a whole bag of Chocology cookies.

How to start eating healthier

Is it time for the juice cleanse? Absolutely not!

Fad diets are very common across the world promoting ‘healthiness’. Almost nine out of ten people in the UAE have been on one due to media exposure or their favourite Instagram influencer has promoted it.

So where do we begin…

A healthy diet is consisted of three main macronutrients of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is essential to have a variety of these to be energised, prepped and ready to conquer your day. So, here’s the breakdown:


Proteins – beef, chicken, fish, lamb, eggs, yoghurt

Carbohydrates – fruit, vegetables, rice, bread, honey

Fats – almonds, pistachios, flaxseeds, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, cheese

‘But where are the cake and cookies?’

Our Nutrisya healthy cookies aren’t like regular cookies, they have a combination of natural proteins, carbohydrates and fats. For instance, carbohydrates from the cassava flour, healthy fats from the coconut oil and flaxseeds and naturally derived protein from the almonds. By choosing a Nutrisya cookie over an Oreo allows you to keep in line with your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying a tasty cookie with a cup of tea or coffee.

Why should we eat healthy?

Eating healthy is a fundamental for living your best life to the fullest! Automatically people think eating healthy is a ‘diet’ when in actual fact it is a lifestyle. Sure it provides us with physical transformations like weight-loss, glowing skin and prolonged energy. But it can truly affect your mental outlook on life through acting as a mood booster while eliminating brain fog to complete everyday tasks in the office or even smashing a personal best in the gym. At Nutrisya it is crucial that we educate our customers on the importance of healthy eating but still incorporate ways to treat ourselves to ensure balance, whether that’ll be one, two or the whole packet of cookies.

Best way to eat healthy in the UAE

Eating healthy in the UAE is hard by resisting all our favourite traditional sweet treats but is not impossible. Emirati food is influenced by a number of cuisines that incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. It is important to prioritise this when choosing meals and snacks, so it won’t jeopardise your healthy eating streak.

Luckily for you at Nutrisya we produce natural and low-sugar cookies, so you don’t have to miss out on your favourites. Whether you’re a chocoholic or sweet-phene we got you covered! Our product range can be found online at with orders being processed within 48 hours of receiving ensuring you can get your cookie fix asap. If you are indecisive on which flavour to purchase (aren’t we all) you can DM us on Instagram for further information. So now would you rather a sugary Knafeh or a pack of guilt-free Nutrisya cookies?