Healthy Food in Dubai – Nutrisya Snack Edition

healthy food

Dubai, known for its varieties of wonderfully delicious food, from stuffed camel to shawarma, also has many vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods. Healthy food in Dubai is on the rise, with restaurants focusing more on healthy meal options with more people looking to be health-conscious. Eating healthy gives you much-needed nutrients to gain energy, be healthy and feel good. But it’s easier said than done.

Most of us follow diet plans that include healthy food options to eliminate unwanted fats and sugars. So, chances are you might be staying away from sweets and sticking only to vegetables and other high protein food. But how long can you keep doing that? It gets boring, doesn’t it?

How about some delicious, sweet, chocolatey, and crunchy snacks to break your habit?

Snacking is and always has been a big part of everyone’s lives. Snacking allows you to gain energy any time of the day and even use it as a pre or post-workout treat. But not all snacks are healthy for you long term. There are plenty of healthy snack options in Dubai for you to select. The healthy snack food industry has been booming since nutritious snacks provide so many benefits for people. But how do you know which snacks to eat without disrupting your health goals?

What to look for and do when eating healthy snacks

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to healthy snacks, from apples to nuts to chocolate cookies. But having too much of these snacks at once is not suitable for health. It adds up the calorie intake and can ruin your healthy way of living because we all know that it’s tough to stop once we start snacking. That is why you should be careful when selecting healthy snacks for diet plans.

Let’s look at what to focus on when eating your favourite snacks while maintaining a balanced diet.

  • Ingredients – First, look what ingredients are in the snack. Make sure the ingredients included are nutritious, low sugar, all-natural and low in calories.
  • Additives – Check if the snack consists of any artificial additives or nasties. If so, you must avoid them as these additives will lead to bad health in the long run.
  • Portion – The portion doesn’t matter when buying snacks, but it matters when you’re eating them. Don’t eat straight from the bag and always portion it out no matter what the snack maybe.
  • Freshest / longest best by date – Always go for the fresh snacks, especially with fruits or with the ones that have the longest best by date when it comes to packets. You can store it and keep it for a long time. You will find it handy when you portion it in small sizes.

Healthy snacks can be fruits, nuts, cookies etc. But not everyone loves to eat the same fruits every day, especially the kids. However, for sure, everyone is ready to munch on some crunchy cookies at any time of the day.

Healthy cookies are an absolute treat to eat. You can have it at work, after or before workouts, as a late-night snack, and you can even include some healthy cookies in your kid’s lunchbox. There are plenty of healthy cookie brands in the market, but how do you know what's the best and which works best with your diet plans?

Well, your day is about to get brighter. Nutrisya premium healthy vegan snacks will help you solve your questions. Everyone can enjoy Nutrisya premium products. You can be a vegetarian, vegan or someone who is just looking for a cookie to nibble on, Nutrisya will get your cravings taken care of quickly.

Why Nutrisya vegan snacks are the best snacks for you

Nutrisya vegan snacks are delicious, flavourful, and, most importantly, healthy at the same time. That is a rarity in other snack brands. These snacks consist of the absolute best ingredients that you can get, from cassava flour to coconut sugar and more. The products include all-natural ingredients, consists of low-sugar, and is gluten-free and dairy-free.

Click here to read more on the best Nutrisya snack ingredients.

Nutrisya snacks come in generous portions in packets, and there are various choices of snacks. Starting from Choco Thins, you can enjoy this treat as a crispy, crunchy, and chocolatey delight good for your after-meal cravings. Yumberry snacks are a mixture of flaxseed and cranberries, which is good for an energy boost even after a tiring day’s work. Chocology is dark chocolate heaven for all the chocolate lovers out there, and it also has crunchy almonds in it.

These heavenly cookies will make you feel like you're in dreamland. All this enjoyment, while you maintain your healthy and fit lifestyle. Below is a list that shows you some benefits and reasons to try out Nutrisya healthy snacks.

  • To boost your energy.
  • To gain high-quality protein.
  • To help lose and maintain weight.
  • To get rid of your late-night hunger or after-meal cravings without ruining your diet.
  • To just enjoy a delicious and tasty cookie for your simple pleasures.

You don’t get too many healthy snacks with the option of gluten-free and wheat-free, but this is what Nutrisya brings to the table. These premium healthy vegan snacks help us and the environment when you see the bigger picture because these products are plant-based.

So, snack on some healthy Nutrisya cookies, feel energised and join us in helping the environment for the better.

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