Best Snack Ingredients For Healthy Food In Dubai


Dubai is a food paradise, and there is no denying that. There are so many varieties of food in Dubai for you to try. Most people in Dubai are always into eating out and love snacking. But some people express their interest in healthy food in Dubai, mostly healthy snacks.


Everyone loves to snack. Healthy snacks have risen in popularity among people over time. If you are health conscious, you probably know how important it is to have a balanced diet that includes healthy food, including healthy snacks.


You might be having a healthy snack right now. But have you thought about the ingredients that go into snacks to make them healthier? For example, Nutrisya premium healthy snacks include all-natural ingredients such as flaxseeds, cassava flour and more!


This article explains the best five ingredients for healthy snack food in Dubai and their benefits for a healthy living. 


Coconut sugar for healthy living 


Do you want to cut out sugar in your diet? But still worried about enjoying sweet snacks?


Don’t worry about that anymore. There is an alternative for refined sugar which is coconut sugar. Coconut sugar includes a higher amount of potassium than regular sugar. It helps your heart, nerves, and muscles to function better. Including coconut sugar to your food is essential for a healthy diet. It contains a low-glycemic index, and it is a very healthy choice than refined sugar.


Now you might be thinking about snacks that include coconut sugar. Well, the answer to that is Nutrisya healthy cookies. Since its gluten-free, dairy-free, and no nasties and preservatives, these cookies are better for your health. Nutrisya Chocology and Yumberry cookies both contain coconut sugar. These cookies are in rich flavour and are great alternative snacks to fit your healthy diets.


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Cranberries as a pre-workout snack 


Who doesn’t like cranberries? The beautiful dark red colour gained from anthocyanins give cranberries a gorgeous colour. It also reduces the risk of getting diseases. Cranberries are heart-healthy food for you to eat as they reduce blood pressure. These yummy cranberries contain vitamin C, which helps you maintain glowing skin and stronger bones and muscles.

Look no further for snacks with cranberries. 


Nutrisya Yumberry cookies are the perfect snacks for a cranberry lover. Its a mix of cranberry and flaxseeds, an ideal treat when you are on the go. You can have these cookies as a pre-workout snack or any other time of the day. You can also treat yourself to a healthy snack dessert after your meals as they are full of nutrients. 

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Flaxseeds for high-quality protein 


Flaxseeds are high in Omega-3 fats. Have you ever been recommended by a doctor to get Omega-3 pills? These contain essential nutrients that prevent and manages dangerous heart diseases. Flax seeds are an alternative for Omega-3 pills. This alternative will come in handy for someone who struggles with digesting capsules.


Flax seeds contain plant-based Omega-3, and it reduces bad cholesterol. It also reduces cancer risk since they are full of lignans. Flaxseeds are also a great source of protein. The Nutrisya Yumberry cookies will be the perfect match for the snack you are after. The combination of flaxseeds and cranberry will provide you with rich nourishments for a healthy living.



Cassava flour to lose weight 


Are you looking to lose weight? Change to cassava flour-based snacks instead of white flour. Cassava flour is full of dietary fibre, one of the main reasons to have cassava flour instead of white flour. It is gluten, grain, and nut-free. The entire root helps make cassava flour. So, this makes it low calorie, which will help you in losing weight.


A great example of snacks that includes cassava flour ingredient is Nutrisya premium healthy snacks. One reason that Nutrisya cookies are beneficial is because of the use of cassava flour.

These cookies are the ultimate snacks for weight loss. These cookies are healthy and tasty at the same time.


Dark chocolate as snacking chocolate 


Everyone loves to eat chocolates. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like it. Special occasions such as birthdays and valentines give you a chance to celebrate with chocolates. They are treated as a gift from god when it comes to snacking. The good thing is that chocolates are also beneficial for your health.


Were you surprised to hear that?


According to Katherine Zeratsky from, chocolate popularity continues to rise because various studies have shown that chocolate can benefit your heart. Especially dark chocolates which are a heart-healthy food. Consuming dark chocolates improves your blood flow which reduces blood pressure and heart disease risk.


The Nutrisya Chocology and Choco Thin cookies are both made with dark chocolate. How exciting is that? Its dark chocolate heaven. Both cookies are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and no nasties included.

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The lifestyle in Dubai can be busy for some, but don’t let it ruin your healthy eating habits. With the popularity of healthy food in Dubai increasing, there are many healthy food options for you to choose. Healthy snacks are a great filler snack food for many. Being knowledgeable in the ingredients of these healthy snacks is essential. You will know what your consuming and what works for you to lead a healthy life.  


With Nutrisya healthy vegan snacks, you can cover the best ingredients such as cranberries, flaxseeds and more, that make up an excellent healthy snack. If you are looking to lose weight, gain high-quality protein, snack before a workout or want to enjoy a delicious chocolatey snack, Nutrisya products got you covered.